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Food Allergies 


Some of our desserts may contain nuts, eggs, wheat. and dairy products.


If you have any concerns about allergens please contact us.


     Growing up Marleni spent her weekends and holidays at her grandfather’s farm in the Salvadoran countryside, enjoying homemade family cooking. She used to sit by her grandmother's side and attentively watch her bake delicious desserts using homegrown ingredients. Ever since, Marleni has developed a special palate for quality food.
     After moving to the United States in her early teens, Marleni discovered the lack of desserts made with natural ingredients. After the birth of her two children, her quest for unprocessed and fresh bake goods became even more pressing. Marleni set out to learn how to bake with local and organic ingredients without sacrificing the taste! Her passion for baking stared 10 years ago, when she began experimenting on her own, improving on existing recipes. She now bakes a variety of pastries, cakes, cupcakes and breads. What makes her cooking so unique is that she always strives to maintain the integrity of natural fresh homemade pastries using real fruit and the best ingredients available.






All of our baked goods are freshly made to order.

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